Front page world uk uk politics business sci/tech health education sport entertainment talking point in depth on air archive feedback low graphics help saturday, may 29, 1999 published at 00:53 gmt 01:53 uk health keyhole surgery for killer disease the keyhole technique is much safer than traditional surgery surgeons have developed a form of keyhole surgery to treat a condition that is the biggest cause of sudden death among people under 30. where to buy cheap viagra online Bbc science correspondent sumit bose: "technique ideal for children with the disease" the traditional treatment for hypotrophic cardiomyopathy (hcm) is open-heart surgery. viagra pills However, this can be risky, especially with children. Hcm causes the walls of the heart to thicken to the point that they obstruct its pumping action. It is a congenital condition, but is often undiagnosed until adolescence. order viagra canada pharmacy Symptoms include breathlessness and fainting, particularly after strenuous exercise. viagra 2.5 mg side effects If untreated it can develop into a life-threatening condition. Constant checks the keyhole surgery technique developed at birmingham children's hospital uses radiowaves to reduce the thickness of the walls of the heart muscle. Before surgery can take place, doctors have to use x-rays to locate the right part of the heart. generic viagra without prescription A wire is then fed along the major blood vessel, the aorta, and into the heart itself. non prescription viagra online uk A series of high-frequency radiowaves are applied to the heart muscle through a catheter. viagra online bestellen wo This heats the tissue to approximately 80c, causing it to dry out and then shrink, reducing the obstruction. The procedure can take hours to complete, and requires constant monitoring and checking. However, if the thickening of the heart returns, the procedure can be repeated, and as it does not require major open-heart surgery it is particularly useful for treating young children. lilly viagra acheter Advanced options | search tips back to top | bbc news home | bbc homepage | © health contents background briefings medical notes relevant stories 28 oct 98 | health gentle giants could help cure human heart problem 28 oct 98 | health heart attacks used to improve health 13 oct 98 | health death by 'ignorance' internet links hypertrophic cardiomyopathy association cardiomyopathy heart failure summit birmingham children's hospital the bbc is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. viagra cost In this section disability in depth spotlight: bristol inquiry antibiotics: a fading wonder mental health: an overview alternative medicine: a growth industry the meningitis files long-term care: a special report aids up close from cradle to grave nhs reforms: a g. viagra canada