Pleural effusion | ehealth magazine eletsonline. cheap viagra Com | egov magazine | digitallearning magazine | events | log in or sign up  join us on : follow @ehealthonline home news magazine interviews knowledge bank research papers events emaharashtra eworld forum world education summit healthcare leaders’ forum secureit eindia easia newsletter about us advertise egov subscribe digitallearning careers contact us pleural effusion october 8, 2012 | also view articles on: magazine,october 2012 prof dr r narasimhan md frcp (uk) head ebus services, department of respiratory medicine, apollo hospitals, chennai pleural effusion is a condition where fluid accumulates in the pleural cavity. buy viagra cheap Pleural membrane is a layer that covers the lung. viagra blue vision side effect It has a visceral pleura that is close to the lungs and parietal pleura that is close to chest wall. viagra blue vision side effect Fluid accumulation between the two layers of the pleura is called pleural effusion. Any inflammation of the pleura without fluid accumulation is called pleurisy. Traditionally pleurisy or pleural effusion or pleurisy has been considered to be synonymous with tuberculosis in our country. You ask any doctor in the age group of 75 and above and without batting an eyelid they will advise anti-tb treatment. viagra no prescription This kind of unscientific approach is wrong. We would have missed and treated many pleural effusions as tuberculosis wrongly. In these days of scientific and technological improvements it is wrong to treat without a proper diagnosis. viagra pills I remember, a 42-year-old individual who was with pleural effusion and had been started on anti-tb treatment. what is viagra used for in women The individual developed side effects to anti- tb drugs and decided to go for definitive diagnosis. He underwent a pleuroscopic biopsy and was diagnosed to have malignancy. His anti-tb treatment was stopped and the treatment for malignant effusion was started. viagra canada online In pleural cavity • air can accumulate called pneumothorax • yellow coloured fluid can accumulate • blood can collect called hemothorax • pus can accumulate called empyema • chyle can accumulate called chylothorax. Common causes of pleural effusion the commonest cause of pleural effusion is tuberculosis. safest website to buy viagra B. viagra sale buy